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CSTC Supports Lawsuit to Protect Species at Risk

Posted by: adminjs at 7:31 pm on October 3rd, 2012

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Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

News Release
October 3, 2012        

CSTC Supports Lawsuit to Protect Species at Risk

Dakelh Territory, Prince George, British Columbia. Canada. The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) is supporting the recent legal action taken by environmental groups against the federal government's failure to implement the Species at Risk Act (SARA).  The lawsuit challenges the delays in creating recovery strategies for SARA listed species, including the Nechako white sturgeon, which is critically endangered according to the BC Conservation Centre. 

Tribal Chief Terry Teegee stated, "Our people have been aware of the decline in Nechako white sturgeon for decades.  The CSTC is actively involved in fisheries monitoring and protection." Teegee added, "The CSTC supports any action taken to protect endangered species."  The lawsuit covers 188 species recover plans that have been delayed by the federal government, four of which will be directly impacted by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

"The federal government has been negligent on implementing its own laws to protect species at risk from industrial development, at the same time it has slashed the processes needed to assess environmental impacts from such projects like the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline."  Stated Tribal Chief Teegee.

The recovery initiative for three of the four species impacted by the Enbridge pipeline project are at least three years overdue.  "First Nations must be part of developing these recovery initiatives, as well as be involved in the monitoring and enforcement within their own territories." Said Tribal Chief Teegee.  He added, "We have a sacred responsibility to ensure that the environment is protected for current and future generation."

The CSTC is also an active member of the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative (NWSRI) that is a collaborative effort among government, First Nations, conservationists and industry to understand the decline of Nechako White sturgeon; there are less than 300 left. 

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For further information contact:

Tribal Chief Terry Teegee, RPF: 250-562-6279; Cell 250-640-3256

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