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Premier Clark Must Deal with First Nations in BC First

Posted by: adminjs at 7:41 pm on October 3rd, 2012

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October 3, 2012

Premier Clark Must Deal with First Nations in BC First

Nadleh Whut'en Territory - Fraser Lake, BC, Canada - As Premier Christy Clark returns to BC from her travels to Alberta the Nadleh Whut'en First Nation, a member of the Yinka Dene Alliance and Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, is urging the BC Premier to meet with the First Nations impacted by the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.  Clark is spending too much effort outside of her own jurisdiction, when it's the First Nations in BC that she needs to deal with.

Chief Martin Louie stated, "We are the original land owners that will be impacted by projects like the Northern Gateway pipeline.  We stand strong and steadfast with over 120 First Nations, over 60% of British Columbians and thousands of Canadians that are in absolute opposition to projects like the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline."  He continued, "Premier Clark must spend some time meeting with First Nations, including Nadleh, to discuss First Nations terms for major project like mine expansions, pipelines and transmission lines, several of which will impact Nadleh traditional territory. She has shown no leadership on this front in dealing with First Nations."

Premier Clark has outlined 5 conditions for BC to consider approving the Northern Gateway pipeline project.  First Nations are not against development, but they require their free, prior and informed consent before projects can proceed.  "Our First Nation has said 'no' to the Enbridge project, and so have many other First Nations.  Even municipalities have said no.  The Premier can continue to waste her time in Alberta, or she can meet with us to get some genuine progress made on relationship building with First Nations."

"We are here to stay.  The time is opportune to meet with our communities to discuss these land use issues. We seem to continually have to fight for being consulted, accommodated and respected.  The BC government cannot continue to unilaterally develop strategies and policies without First Nations.  A letter of invitation to our territory will be sent to Premier Clark this week", said Chief Martin Louie. 

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For more information contact:

Chief Martin Louie at 4dakelh(at) or 1-250-570-7759