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Lejac Residential School

The Lejac Indian Residential School was operated by the Catholic Church under contract to the Canadian government from 1922 to 1976 (54 years).  Being in the heart of Dakelh (Carrier) territory many of the thousands of children that attended the school were of Dakelh descent.  However, many children from other communities were brought to Lejac including Gitxsan, Wet'suwet'en and Sekani.

The school was named after Father Jean Marie Lejac who was a Oblate missionary who co-founded the mission at Fort Saint James in 1873.

After the school was closed in 1976 the land was transferred to Nadleh Whut'en First Nation and the buildings were razed.  All that remains today are the cemetery and the Rose Prince memorial.



Research Reports on the Four Boys (Allen Patrick 9 years old, Andrew H Paul 8 years old, Justa Maurice 8 years old, and John Michel Jack 7 years old) who froze to death running away from Lejac School .

Police Report

The Governement of British Columbia Inquisition

Letter to DIA from R.H Moore Indian Agent January 11 1937

Letter to R.H Moore Indian Agent Vanderhoof from C Pitts MD 

Letter to DIA from R.M Moore Indian agent re inquisition

Stuart Lake Agency Inspector Report No16 November 2 1937

Indian commissioner of British Columbia Report on Four Boys