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Nadleh Learning Centre
The Learning Centre is open to adults that need to complete high school courses in order to obtain their grade 12 Dogwood Certificate. We’re open Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. September 4th to June 27th 



Rylie Holmes               Fraser Lake Elementary Senior Secondary

Jasmine George          Fraser Lake Elementary Senior Secondary

Tahlia Ketlo                 Fraser Lake Elementary Senior Secondary

Thomas Ketlo              Fraser Lake Elementary Senior Secondary

Charlie Sam                 Fraser Lake Elementary Senior Secondary / Nadleh Learning Centre

Treikenn Kilpatrick      Nechako Valley Senior Secondary

Chahel West                Lakes District Senior Secondary

Seth Andrews              Sa-hali Secondary

Cherise Sutherland      North Star Academy

 Trades programs

 Carpentry L2 Apprenticeship – College of New Caledonia, Fort Fraser

Chris Ketlo

Clayton George

Levi Heathcliff

Delbert George

 Residential Building Maintenance Worker L1 - College of New Caledonia, Saikuz

Ricky Nooski

Noel Ketlo

Marvin Salonas

 Camp Cook Program College of New Caledonia - Nadleh

Charity Louie

Kathleen George

Monica Ketlo

Vivian George

Nathan Louie

Donovan Ketlo

Eric Thunstrom

Monica Ketlo

 Post Secondary

Trevor Ketlo                Electrical Foundation L1 Certificate, College of New Caledonia, Prince                                            George

 Samuel Ketlo               Automotive Technician Foundation L1 Certificate, College of New                                                  Caledonia, Prince George

 Mychaela Ketlo           Farrier Science Certificate, Olds College, Olds Alberta

 Tashina Ketlo Shaw     Special Education Teacher Assistant Certificate, Canadian Vocational Training Centre, Prince George

 Tishanna Andrews       Culinary Arts L1 Certificate College of New Caledonia, Prince George                     

Shaila Sutherland        Early Childhood Education Certificate, Northern Lakes College, Grande                                          Prairie, Alberta

 Marion George           Aboriginal Early Childhood Education Certificate, Nicola Valley Institute of                                     Technology, Merritt

 Adrienne Goodridge   Bachelor Degree in Social Work BSW, Nicola Valley Institute of                                                       Technology, Burnaby

Courses Offered at Nadleh Learning Centre 2016 – 2017

  • Arts Foundations 11 (AF11)
  • Arts Foundations 12 (AF12)
  • BC First Nations Studies 12 (BCFNS12)
  • Business Computer Applications 11 (BCA11)
  • Career and Personal Planning Adult 12 (CAPPA12)
  • English Upgrading
  • English 8 (EN8)
  • English 9 (EN9)
  • English First Peoples 10 (EFP10)
  • English First Peoples 11 (EFP11)
  • English First Peoples 12 (EFP12)
  • Drama: Film & Television 12 (DFT12)
  • Family Studies 11 (FNS11)
  • Family Studies 12 (FNS12)
  • First Nations Studies 12 (FNS12)
  • Foods & Nutrition 11 (FDN11)
  • Foods & Nutrition 12 (FDN12)
  • Graduation Transitions (GT)
  • Math Upgrading
  • Foundations of Math 10 (FMP10)
  • Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10 (AWM10)
  • Foundations of Math 11 (FOM11)
  • Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 11 (AWM11)
  • Apprenticeship  & Workplace Math 12 (AWM12)
  • Physical Education 11 (PE11)
  • Physical Education 12 (PE12)
  • Planning 10 (PLAN10)
  • Earth Science 11 (ESC11)
  • Science 10 (SC10)
  • Social Studies 11 (SS11)
  • Sustainable Resources 11 (SR11)
  • Sustainable Resources – Forestry 12 (SRF12)
  • Work Experience 12 (WEX12)
  • Cafeteria Training 11 (CT11)
  • Cafeteria Training 12 (CT12)

We are also running our homework program for elementary and high school students. Students can get off the bus at the learning centre and come in to do their homework and have a healthy snack. Homework program runs 3:30 to 5:30 Monday to Thursday.

If you need to update your resume or do a job search online, the learning center is open as an access centre Monday to Friday, 9 – 3:30. You can also do WHMIS on computer at the learning center for free.  There are jobs and training posted on the bulletin board as well.

Post Secondary
If you are planning on attending college or university, you must apply for your funding well in advance of the start date. The deadline for funding applications for programs starting in September is June 1st.  For programs starting in January, the deadline is October 15th and for spring programs the deadline is March 15th.


You must apply to the college or university and be accepted before you apply for funding from Nadleh Band. For more information call Sue Ketlo.

Education Staff: 

Sue Ketlo

Education Coordinator

250-690-7211 ext. 106

Linda Wijcik

Adult Learning Centre Teacher

250-690-7211 ext. 117

Anne Ketlo

Skills & Training Coordinator

250-690-7211 ext. 105